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Britney Spears Wears a Black Wig for Fantasy Twist

Stop the eau de toilette presses! Britney Spears has reinvented the celebrity stank category by taking her two 'Fantasy' line odorifics, and merging them into one convenient ball of two separate, but equally rash-inducing scents. That's right ladies, now you can have one Britney smell for up top, where a man might lean in to kiss you, and one Britney scent for the bottom, where Kevin Federline used to mack Britney after a sixer of Old Milwaukee. How better to feel like a woman than to smell like Britney all-over?

We must admit, we are kind of digging the black mop top wig Britney wore for her pimping photoshoot for her now 2-in-1 celebrity aroma. A little dress-up game never hurt the old naughty fantasy making machine, and Britney as a mysterious brunette? Yeah, we can definitely work with that. Enjoy.

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