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Brauler System with FreshCap--Because We Want Our Beer Bubbly Fresh (VIDEO)

Stale beer sucks. Bubble-less brew sucks even more. Even the thought of stale draft gives me the shivers. If you love your beer, then I'm sure it has the same effect on you, too. Ick!

The Zythos Team obviously feel the same way, which is why they came up with an entirely modular growler system called Brauler that lets you carry your beer and drink it too--just the way you want it (and just the way it was meant to be enjoyed.)

The Brauler is a stainless steel growler with a deep-thread cap that keeps your brew fresh and carbonated. But if your barley pop is running out of bubbles, then it's time to break out the FreshCap.

It's another innovation from Zythos and it's basically a carbon dioxide injection system so you can bring the fizz back to your beer. The team has put it up for funding on Kickstarter and their campaign ends in 22 days. They've already reached their target but you can still get in on the fun and back the project to get your own FreshCap in the mail.

A minimum pledge of $50 will get you the FreshCap CO2 injection system, while $100 will get you the FreshCap along with the basic Brauler system. Find out more here.

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