Bella Thorne Birthday Party Makes Us Wonder How Long Disney Is Going To Fudge Her Age

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We have a carbon dating team of specialists flying in from the Big Island of Hawaii later today to help identify the actual age of Disney teen starlet extraordinaire, Bella Thorne. According to the Mouse House, the nubile gingertastic teen just turned fifteen years of age, but to paraphrase the inimitable British soft rocker Joe Jackson, if our eyes don't deceive us, there's something wrong going on around here.

Bella Thorne was out last night at celebrity hotspot Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood celebrating the anniversary of her birth, whatever year it took place, and visually reminding everybody within camera shot that this girl is going to be a force to be reckoned with. There's going to be some serious damage as she gets older and more and more Nikki Cox like (I'm giving myself 1,000 bonus points for that reference). Happy Birthday, Bella

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