'Bama Cruises (as usual) and the Rest of the Best in College Football Action

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Well 'Bama it looked like you were going to need to keep an eye on the Florida Gators after last week's dominant win over South Carolina, but it appeared as if the Gators enjoyed the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party a little too much before the game. The poor Gators couldn't hold onto the ball to save their lives (six fumbles with four lost as well as two interceptions) and deserved to lose that game.

The Gators may not be an issue, but the Kansas State Wildcats, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and Oregon Ducks most certainly will be. Saturday showed us that as Colin Klein goes so will the Wildcats; Notre Dame appears to be a team of destiny almost; and that there isn't a team in college football as electric as the Oregon Ducks.

Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel got his groove back against Auburn (after losing it to LSU last week) making the Aggies November 10 game with Alabama look more and more like a can't miss game. USC's Marqise Lee had a career kind of day, but Arizona proved that you should never believe the hype. South Carolina escaped Tennessee with a win, but the rest of the season is going to be tough without their star running back, Marcus Lattimore (WARNING: The injury in the video is pretty harsh. Don't watch if you are squeamish.)

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As of Sunday night the word on Lattimore is that he has a dislocated knee. Should he choose to remain in college--which is likely since a running back whose last two seasons ended with nasty knee injuries will not go high in the draft if at all--there is a chance he could red shirt next season in order to improve the strength in his knee before playing again.

For more on a weekend that was chock full of some great college football action be sure and check out the gallery!

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