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Amy Childs Gold Bikini Pimps for Jewelry Launch

We do so love our TOWIE boobtastic babes, the girls for whom we know (and care) so little about outside of their bodacious Britty bodies and the reality of their reality show ta-ta's.

And putting those marvelous mammaries to good and commercial use is Amy Childs, the red-headed bosomy babe from TOWIE-land who was decked out in a pimped out gold bikini to promote a jewelry launch at the Mayfair Hotel in London. Now, while we'd prefer to see the curvaceous Amy Childs without so much as a hint of gold on her body, I suppose there's something to be said for million dollar bras and the like. In the very least, we'd finally have to learn to take off a bra properly without just ripping. Enjoy.

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