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Alessandra Ambrosio, Sophie Turner, and Jessica Alba Lead List of Celebrity Halloween Hotties

The celebrities in Hottieville put on quite the show this weekend as the unofficial Halloween parties raged across all parts of Hollywood, a chance for the people who get paid to be fake for a living to finally do so in some decent costumes, and a continuation of the most especially benevolent trend of girls dressing showier and showier for All Hallowed Saints day. The sweet visual candy to answer our trick or treat query.

A bunch of sextastic celebs went the extra mile this weekend to be more hot than horrid, including a surprise showing from Jessica Alba as Mrs. Incredible (indeed), Alessandra Ambrosio as some kind of domme military guard that made us weak in our knees, Sophie Turneras something that showed off her hot body, Jessica White in lingerie and garters, Fergieas a naughty kitty, Courtney Stodden as just plain naughty, and just a bunch of others must-see costumed sites.

We love sexy cosplay like a fish loves water, so we were in heaven this weekend. Enjoy.

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