Alessandra Ambrosio Continues To Cross the T's for Her Hottest Mom of the Year Nomination with Cleavetastic and Leg Show in Boston

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We can certainly appreciate daytime Alessandra Ambrosio, parading down the shopping promenades in her little shorts and tops, or the beach time volleyballing Alessandra Ambrosio in her little playtime bikinis, but just to show you how mature we've become, we're happy to announce Okefenokee levels of wetland feelings upon seeing Alessandra Ambrosio all decked out for the Mario Testino celebration event in Boston last night.

Yes, we can on occasion, rare occasion, appreciate a fully-dressed woman. Especially when that full dress exposes some serious cleavage and those killer Ambrosio legs. Hey, we're not animals, we just have the instincts and aching drive of animals that completely override our senses most of the time. There is a difference. Or, maybe not so much. Enjoy.

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