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5 Columbus Day Facts

Today is Columbus Day, the day we remember one of the biggest a-holes in history. Maybe it's because I'm Latino or perhaps it's how much history I've read, but I hate this guy.

In the past, we Americans had a very selective view of history. In other words we only looked at events from the point of view of the White dudes with flags and not the Native people on the receiving end of their swords and smallpox blankets. We still do to some extent. Mass Indian killer Andrew Jackson is still on our $20 bill,  we still have pro team names like the Redskins, and many of us still believe the Thanksgiving story on the Butterball turkey wrapper. The only good thing Columbus ever did was to give us a day off.

So, listen up Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria, and check out the gallery where I drop some Columbus Day science on ya.

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