Because No One Really Likes Dean Koontz, These Are the Top 10 Stephen King Movies Ever

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Earlier today we posted the teaser trailer for the new adaptation of Carrie, originally a book and then-movie by Stephen King. And while it left me a little on the 'meh' side, it made me think back to all the great adaptations that have been done of King's work. And if you don't think there's been a lot, just check out his My internet crashed just trying to load everything.

That's because King's one of the most prolific authors working. When not working on novels, he pumps out novellas and short stories faster than Ben Kingsley in that scene from Schindler's List. Not all of them are great (I'm looking at you Dreamcatcher) and some have little to do with the source material at all and just use the title to bring some of that King-cache with them to the box office (oh, Lawnmower Man, didn't see you there), but some of the greatest films of the last thirty-five years have been spawned by King's pen.

His movies and mini-series have won Academy Awards, Golden Globes and Emmys. When done right, the master of horror's work provides epic, sprawling films that terrify, educate and enlighten us (I learned how to crawl through a river of human feces simply by watching Shawshank).

So while we have to wait until April to see if the new Carrie can even hold a candle to the original, here are the 10 Best Stephen King Adaptations.

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