007 Legends Shows How Movie-like a Video Game Trailer Can Be (VIDEO)

It's all fun and games 'til she pulls a gun

Never have words sprawled across a screen been so powerful as they are in this opening sequence for 007 Legends. It’s amazing because the video game is based on all of the James Bond movies –even the Roger Moore ones– and that’s one film franchise studied by visual artists around the world because of it’s usually fantastic opening title sequences. I mean, that’s real artsy stuff.

In any case, the game has a fancy opening title sequence that will surely be the best among video games this year –mainly because games are interactive and opening title sequences are both unrelated to the gaming experience and usually “skippable” by pressing a button. Sorry amazing graphic artists who worked on 007 Legends’ opening scene but most of the audience for this game won’t see more than a few frames of your work. I blame all the artificial sugar in that audience’s diet. Just because it’s better for your teeth doesn’t mean that stuff isn’t evil.