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World's Craziest Events Not To Miss: Miss Pole Dance Colombia Edition

Upon my return from a recent trip to Bogota, I was pulled out of line at Customs and brought to a cold, sterile interrogation room. I was subsequently asked to strip naked and soon found myself bent over a table with a husky TSA Agent giving me a half-assed colonoscopy with a lubed up surgical glove (I'm still not sure why he kept asking me to squeal like a pig). But the balloon they eventually removed was filled not with heroin as originally suspected, but with microfilm containing the photos of Miss Pole Dance Colombia!

Earlier in the week we treated you to some images from the Miss Pole Dance Hungary competition. But now we follow Carmen Sandiego and her crimson fedora across the globe from Europe to South America to see how Budapest's competition South of the Border handles themselves on the pole. And how do these ladies fare? Pretty damn well. I'd say they squeezed more DNA out onto that steel monolith than a crime scene on an episode of CSI. 

As the globe spins to see where the next Miss Pole Dance competition lands, check out the gallery for our favorite shots of Colombia's 2nd most addictive export.

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