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Vince Young Needs a Job Because His $26 Million is Pretty Much Gone

Vince Young was the third overall pick in 2006 by the Tennessee Titans, got a contract with $26 million guaranteed, went on to win Offensive Rookie of the Year and go to the Pro Bowl. Six years later, Young is out of the league, and now is basically out of money.

The QB is currently in a lawsuit where he's suing his former agent and his former financial planner, claiming they misappropriated five and a half million bucks of his money, and forged his signature to get a $1.7 million high interest loan during the NFL lockout.

The financial planner, Ronnie Peoples, says that Young has a history of never taking responsibility for his own life and is countersuing Young. Peoples says that Young hired his uncle to be his business manager and that uncle approved everything that Peoples did.

It's an unfortunate ending to what looked to be a really promising career. In fact, Young's lawyer told the AP that he thinks the Buffalo Bills cut Young this season in part because of his financial troubles.

via ProFootballTalk

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