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Vanessa Hudgens Sweats Hard to Out-Hot-Body Her Spring Breakers Cast Mates

Now that the Faptastic Foursome of Spring Breakers is hitting the red carpet circuit, the girls are going at it hella hard to be the hottest body in each appearance, with the sextastic pendulum swinging back and forth between Vanessa, Rachel, Ashley, and Selena (with Selena Gomez clearly winning Toronto).

But, Vanessa Hudgens does not take much lying down, I mean, other than all the nasty things we saw her doing lying down before her legal eagles got to us, so she's been hitting the gym hardcore of late to get herself into a fine tuned machine to battle her fellow female cast mates. The more they say they all love each other, the more you know they are dying to out-hot the other one next go-round. Hey, Egotastic! knows women (kinda sorta). Enjoy.

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