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Until Breaking Bad Returns: The Top Ten Addictive Shows That Are Thankfully On Instant Netflix

We have a long way to go until Breaking Bad returns for the end of its current season, the end of the show and quite possibly, the end of Walter White's life. Breaking up seasons and adding a hideously long hiatus between seems to be AMC's modus operandi lately as we were forced to wait out Walking Dead as well this past season in two different chunks.

Not unlike the meth Walter and Jesse shill, Breaking Bad is terribly addictive. I myself watched the first three and a half seasons in about a week. And to answer your question, no, I'm not single. I have a really hot internet girlfriend who lives in Vancouver. DVDs, downloading, DVRing, and streaming have all helped turn addict TV into an easily consumable product.

Remember when you'd see them selling complete seasons of TV shows on VHS? It was like a stack of encyclopedias.

And ever since Netflix lost its Starz Network movie library, the best use of the company's instant streaming capability has been to digest entire seasons of TV shows like a binge eater at all-you-can-eat rib night at the Sizzler. So now that you have a 10-month wait for the last 8 episodes of Breaking Bad, here are ten other addictive shows that are on Netflix streaming for you to work your way through until next summer.

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