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Too Excited? Well, Here's a One-Handed Condom Wrapper For You (VIDEO)

Everything's all set and you're ready for takeoff. Only problem is, the condom is stuck in the wrapper. No, wait, you didn't even get that far yet. You can't seem to get the wrapper open and the clock's a-ticking. A couple more seconds of fumbling and that'll probably kill the mood altogether...

That's where every man's hero, Ben Pawle, comes in. He's designed an all-new one-handed condom wrapper with a perforated seam, so all you'll need to do is push the package open and put it on your package.

The One-Handed Condom Wrapper has a perforated seam, which easily parts when you slide your thumb along the face of the packet. The condom then falls neatly into your hand, ready for use.

Ben's a smart man, though, so don't go assuming that he came up with the idea for the new packaging because of some failed personal experience. In fact, it was primarily designed to help disabled people get their game on.

Check out the video above to see how much easier your life can be if condoms were packaged in this easy-to-open packaging.

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