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Three New SNL Members Join the Cast, Will They Be the Next Adam Sandlers...Or Ellen Cleghorns?

SNL has bordered on the verge of obscurity ever since the mid-90s, yet somehow they always manage to hang on there with a few cast members who can carry the show. There was Will Ferrell who picked up the slack, then Kristen Wiig burdened the weight. This past Spring saw a handful of cast members opt out of renewing their contracts like rats leaving a sinking ship.

But three new cast members have been added to fill the ranks. Tim Anderson, Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant will be joining the show when it returns later this fall and before you can say 'Who?' remember that many of the most famous cast-members were unknowns when they first performed on SNL. But less important than where they came from, is where will they go? 

As many know, you can be the biggest star on SNL and end up begging FunnyorDie to produce your bits (COUGHdanacarveyCOUGH), or you can be like Casey Wilson and not make a splash on the show but then end up on a super successful sitcom like Happy Endings. Which is why we took a look at some of our favorite SNL cast members and ranked them on how they managed once Saturday Night came to an end.

Check out the gallery to see the most and least successful post-SNL alumni's careers.

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