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The Last of the Famous Columbian Drug Lords is Taken Down, Cue the Rise-to-Fall Montage

'El Loco', Columbia's purported final major drug lord has been captured in South America in a U.S. and British assisted take down. Born Daniel Barrera, 'El Loco' was believed to be bringing close to 1000 tons of cocaine into the US and Europe. So good news for those who hate drug dealers, bad news for those who love the 80s and discos.

While we should be celebrating the capturing of a man as dangerous as El Loco, I mean, come on, his name was El Loco, with the drug war taking its toll on the cartels, aren't we forgetting about the silent victims of this struggle? Movies. Where would cinema be without films based on the rise and fall of drug lords? What type of film posters would pretentious film school students hang on their freshman-year dorm room walls if Scarface or Blow were never made?

It certainly is a sad day when we can no longer anticipate movies with cool soundtracks and montages of guys doing boatloads of blow while strippers dance in the background or the always-entertaining 'topless women cutting cocaine in a basement with face masks on' scene. So we bid you farewell drug lord cinema.

And before we say goodbye, let us remember you by reliving your heyday. So check out the gallery for our favorite 1980s drug movies.

Then push it to the limit.

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