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The Evolution of Movies Inspired by 9/11

It's still impossible to comprehend the enormity of the destruction that occurred in New York on September 11 2011. It never will be. But Americans know how to bounce back and that's exactly what we did.  And one of the most 'American' ways to come together is to share common experiences at the movies together. Which is why everyone knew it was only a matter of time before movies inspired by September 11th would start finding their way into production.

Various American tragedies have been handled poorly by Hollywood over the years, with liberties being taken on precisely who was involved and the exact nature that the events unfolded. Not that we're talking specifically about Michael Bay'sPearl Harbor, but that's exactly what we're specifically talking about.

But filmmakers have done relatively well depicting that fateful autumn day, generally focusing on the heroism of ordinary American citizens and those that lent a helping hand after the tragedy. Here's a look at how we've watched 9/11 unfold at the movies.

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