The Endless Summer of Legs Full Stem Appreciation Gallery

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We've been talking Summer of Legs and Endless Summer of Legs since the sun went high in the sky back in June and the temps heated up in the Northern Hemisphere; kind of like a revisited love affair with the lower limbs of some of our most sextastic celebrities. Legs truly are the most under-appreciated appendages. But when you imagine all that they can do on a hot woman, both in reality and in your private time fun dreams, it truly is underserved.

Well, nobody puts baby's slim and sexy legs in the corner when we're around. Take a look back at some of the finer pairs of celebrity gams we've seen sticking out from under short skirts and shorts all this hot summer long. Who would be your choice for top legs? (The real answer will unfold in December during the Hotness Awards). Enjoy.

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