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SMS Fails of the Week: Chicken Pr0n, Internet Playbacks, and Maurying Out Loud

Normally, I'd love chicken for dinner. But chicken porn? None for me, please. I'm not sure what else is being offered, but I'd take minced chicken over chicken in the nude any day. That's perfect for people who are horny for something. No, not that, we meant hungry. Yes, hungry.

But if you're feeling frisky, then you might want to send off a tape of you and your girl with colitis--what? No, somehow that came out wrong, disturbingly enough.

It's pretty touching to find siblings who've managed to stay close after so many years. But asking someone to retrieve an abaya? Could that be the true measure to closeness? While it's true that you can do a lot on the Internet, can you actually do a playback? And if that's possible, can your phone also do an auto erection? If it could, I'm sure a lot of dudes would want to give that a spin.

There's a whole lot of funny stuff in this week's SMS Fails. Check out the gallery to see them all.

PS. Look for the one that'll give you the recipe for homemade p#ssy--if you dare!

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