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'Sinister' Red-Band Trailer Makes Me Re-Think Digging Through Those Old Home Movies (VIDEO)

Two things scare me: 8mm home movies and movies about 8mm home movies. That's why I had to throw on my Depends before watching the new red-band trailer for the upcoming Ethan Hawke-starring horror movie Sinister. And guess what? No accidents! Wait,, no, nevermind. It scared the piss out of me.

Sinister follows the character of Ellison, a true-crime novelist who purchases a new home with the hopes of writing a successful book. After moving into his new home, he discovers a box of old home movies that depict previous families who lived in the house, as well as their murders. As Ellison looks further into the mystery behind the tapes, he discovers that the murders all have ties to a supernatural entity known only as "Bagul". Bagul exists in images of himself and runs the risk of making Ellison's family the latest casualty of the house.

Sinister hits theaters October 12th.

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