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Sharon Stone Flashes Most of Her New Boobs, Then Passes Out and Is Taken to the Hospital

Just another evening out for Sharon Stone and her pretty new funbags and her young cougar cub boyfriend.

The 50-something former femme fatale can't help but travel the world, exposing her couple of years old new knockers and her now much older than her boobs frisky young boyfriend, but it all seemed to be too much for Sharon at the amFAR event over the weekend in Milan where the actress got dizzy and dropped and had to be taken to the hospital.

Here's the thing, when I'm 54, yes, I'm probably going to get myself a brand new appendage, and a young girlfriend, but when I pass out from too much plastic work and active boot knocking, I intend to go straight to the next world, this feinting bit is just way too dramatic. Enjoy.

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