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Self-Inflating Tires So Your Ride'll Never Go Flat--Coming Soon?

Have you ever gotten a flat tire on the most important day of your life? Your wedding, a test that could clinch whether you pass or fail college, on your way to the hospital--you probably had no idea that so much could be riding on your four tires.

Avoid having to kick yourself in the ass once everything blows up in your face just because you forgot to have your tires checked regularly. Instead, call your garage and hope that these self-inflating tires from Goodyear hit the road soon.

Goodyear's concept tires are based on their Air Maintenance Technology (AMT), which uses the motion of the rolling tire to pump air into it as needed. A pressure sensor built inside the tire detects whether the tire's got enough air or not. If it does, then the valve shuts and stops filling it with air. Easy, breezy, and fully automatic.

Goodyear plans to test out their AMT system on commercial tires starting next year. If things go well, then you can expect these self-filling tires released commercially in the next few years.

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