Selena Gomez Leaves Miami With Massive Mammary Mystery Chick

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At Egotastic!, we are 99% laser beam focused on the sextastic celebrities you know and lust. We track them like a long time married man tracks the girl in the office he keeps hearing has very liberal views on sexuality. But, occasionally, our attention is diverted, sometimes just by sheer gravitational force, like today while we were checking out photos of our belusted Selena Gomez taking off from the Miami Airport with a blonde friend of hers who, well, caught our attention in a quite boobtastic manner.

Who is this blonde buxom fiend who holds her own, and has some of her own we'd like to hold, next to her friend Selena. And how would it be possible for us to be fulfilling all of our passionate dreams for Selena, while still convincing her that it might be nice if her blonde friend came over for a beer in the hot tub? Or is that just too big of a dream for any man to have? Either way, it's definitely rolling through our head right about now. Enjoy.

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