Sarah Harding Is Getting Hotter and Hotter; And We're Noticing

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Somewhat overshadowed by the hotness that is Cheryl Cole, we too must admit to having overlooked Sarah Harding a bit too much during her Girls Aloud craptastic pop music ensemble days (and, truly, Girls Aloud made the Spice Girls look like Mozart), but ever since coming out of secret rehab many months ago, Sarah has just continued to impress with her half-dressed London outdoors mini-exhibitions.

In her latest street romp, Sarah goes bare-midriff on a 'walkies' with her dog, flashing her legs and Booty Aloud in a pair of Daisy Dukes that could only fit her better if she were not wearing them at all. Toned, taut, hot -- Sarah Harding deserves much more ogling time. Enjoy.

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