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'Resident Evil' Takes their Viral Campaign to the Stock Market--Plus a New TV Spot (VIDEO)

With barely a week before Resident Evil: Retribution hits theaters, the Umbrella Corporation has finally made the crossover to the real world. A press release was issued today announcing that the fictional corporation has just issued an initial public offering for its common stock, pricing each share at $25.

The altruistic mandate behind the IPO launch is to increase funding to allow for expansion of The Umbrella Corporation's global infrastructure, with the goal of offering all shareholders a unique opportunity to be part of the corporation's life changing developments.

The corporation is described as being involved in "advanced research and development that includes clinical trials, scientific testing, and drug creation" with the goal of "improving the health and condition of mankind and complete eradication of human suffering." If you've seen the trailer, then you'll know that this is absolutely false because the Umbrella Corporation is actually the big villain here.

If you don't mind getting your hands filthy with blood money, then you can head on over to the viral siteso you can print off your own shares of Umbrella Corporation's stock.

When you've filed your stock certificates away, check out the new IMAX TV spot for the movie in the player above. Enjoy!

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