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Remember Me Extended Demo Shows Lots of Brain-splosions (VIDEO)

A couple of things are apparent after perusing this extended demonstration of Capcom's Remember Me: 1) the air traffic laws in this futuristic Paris need to be updated and 2) there are as many inept bad guys in this game as in every other video game/movie we've seen.

Our main character, Nilin, and a guy that seems to be her brother, Edge, are after some dude and the information in his head, when lo and behold, that dude shows up in a hovering gunship trying to blast Nilin into bits. Sounds like the beginning of a good action scene in a decent movie.

The hook here is the exploding memories Nilin creates in her victims when she gets up close. We know she's a "memory remixer," a term that didn't mean anything until this game came along, so we'll have to see just what kind of powers Nilin has in her arsenal. Sparklies shooting out of a bad guy's helmet is a good start though.

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