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Reggie Wayne Says the Colts Picked the Right Guy in Andrew Luck

In typical NFL fan overreaction, some Indianapolis Colts fans are freaking out and wondering if their team should have taken RobertGriffin III instead of Andrew Luck. Of course, nobody should be labeled good or bad based on their first game in the NFL. Hopefully hearing veteran Reggie Wayne giving Luck his stamp of approval will help bring Colts fans off the ledge. Wayne was on WNDE in Indianapolis and told Query and Schultz he thinks Luck was the right choice.

First of all, I tell you what, I think the Colts picked the right guy. He is a great student of the game. He knows what he's doing; he's an excellent learner. He understands the way everything flows. I'll tell you what I'm excited about, every time I watch him … he's poised.

That's good praise, and Wayne didn't stop there.

Wayne says that Luck is a leader and has the mentality of a veteran QB.

Nothing seems to rattle him, no matter if he's sacked, if he throws an interception, something goes wrong, he's on that sideline and worrying about the next play. … He comes in, takes control of the huddle, understands what's going on around him, and I really think he's going to be very, very good one day.

Indy fans are hoping that 'one day' means week two of this season. Despite being in a rebuilding mode, this is a generation of fans that wants results now, not in a couple of years. But with the rookie salaries slotted now, teams are throwing rookies out there faster because even if they turn out to be busts, they don't cost the teams a ton of money.

Speaking of money, Wayne said he took less of it to stay with the Colts. Maybe it was being familiar and comfortable, but maybe he believed in Luck that much. Time will tell, but I think Luck is going to be just fine, and sooner than later. It wouldn't hurt to have a decent offensive line though.

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