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PES 2013 Gameplay Continues to Impress Us with Neymar, Santos and Flamengo (VIDEO)

The awesomeness of Neymar in these gameplay clips from Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has more to do with the poor defensive play of the Brazilian league than it does the amazing skills of the Santos superstar. However, when you're watching you can't tell how slow or bumbling the defenders are because Neymar is zipping through them like a hot spoon through butter. It seems like it wouldn't matter who's back there trying to stop him; the guy looks better than Leo Messi. Then you remember that the Spanish league has much more talent and much more credible defenders imported from all over the world and so when Messi or Ronaldo breaks through it truly is a triumph. When it's Neymar in Brazil with Santos, it's just the best guy in the country doing what he's supposed to do. Watch and you'll see what we mean. Hit us on Facebook and let us know your thoughts on Brazilian soccer, PES 2013 and the latest in World Cup Qualifying.

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