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Paris Hilton Bikini Vacation in Maui To Relieve the Stress of Her Heiress Lifestyle

Just when you thought Paris Hilton was going to use her collegehigh school 2nd grade education for some good, maybe get a job, nope, she has to go and lob some slurs that pissed off the gay community, find a new young boy toy, and jet off to Maui for a few days to give herpes to knock boots with her new young toy.

Ah, life is never easy for Billionaire Barbie. I mean, if you discount the wealthy spoiled everything-at-your-fingertips upbringing, and then the trust funds and the sex tape turned highly paid celebrity party hostess gigs overseas, and the 250K credit limit on her AMEX, it's been rough. So, Paris gets to relax in the Hawaiian surf. And we get to see her in a bikini. We'll do that deal. Enjoy.

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