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Now You Can Make Watermelons Explode Using Mind Power (VIDEO)

By watermelons, we don't mean the massive jugs on some of Egotastic's All-Stars. Rather, we do mean actual watermelons, as in, the fruit.

We love the idea of people hurtling watermelons across huge fields and all (although Modern Family did it differently by using pumpkins, but it's all based on the same concept.) But here's another way to make watermelons explode without even touching them: by using mind power.

That's right, we kid you not. One of your childhood fantasies has been turned into reality by science. Okay, it's not just pure science, but with the help of an EEG headset and a compressed air cannon, it's now easier to blow things up by willing it in your brain.

LVL1 has come up with a set-up that'll allow people to blow things up by putting on the helmet, staring at the object in question, and concentrating hard until it blows up. Plus the fact that a carbon dioxide cannon has been jammed right into the bottom of the watermelon doesn't hurt as well.

See magic (or rather, awesome science) happen by checking out the video above. Enjoy!

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