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The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Lead Off the Early NFL Lines for Week Four

It's time to wash our hands and minds of the debacle that played out in Seattle last night and start looking forward to week four. It starts in two days after all, so at least the talk about the horrid call last night won't last until Sunday. Who am I kidding? It's going to be talked about all year, especially if the Packers come up one game short of making the playoffs.

Either way, let's look ahead. The betting lines for the week are out, and this is the first week of byes, so there's one game less than usual. Seems weird that only two teams, the Colts and Steelers, have byes. Whatever. Know what else is weird? Six NFL teams don't have cheerleading squads. The Packers do use college cheerleaders apparently, but they don't have an official team. There's an interesting fact about the teams who don't have squads, too.

Besides the New York Giants, five of the six are in the Midwest. Well, four are and Pittsburgh is about 30 miles from Ohio, so close enough to be in the group. What gives with this Midwest cluster of teams not having cheer squads? It's not like there aren't pretty women out there. St. Louis has them. Minnesota has them. Seems odd to me. Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Green Bay, get with the program.

So on to the lines this week, and I get that Vegas is trying to get money to go on both sides, but some of these lines are just baffling to me. Philly over the Giants? Really? FYI -We're using the lines from MGM-Mirage, courtesy of Good luck, if that's your thing.

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