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Let's Take a Look at the Cheerleaders Around the NFL for Week One

There's a surprising lack of TV coverage of NFL cheerleading teams. When you watch college games, there seems to be more of an effort to show the ladies patrolling the sidelines, but in the NFL, the networks don't give us a similar amount of shots. How are we supposed to get the feel of the stadium from our couches?

Well, we're here to help fill that void. We'll try to search out those photos each week as a service because we want everyone to get an idea of what it's like to get that full NFL experience. Maybe you don't live near an NFL city. Maybe you don't want to shell out the big bucks to attend a game, or maybe you just prefer to be at home where the beer won't empty your savings account, you won't have to risk getting caught up in a brawl, and you can change the channel to another game if you so desire.

So here you go, and it looks like the Houston Texans Cheerleaders were the most photographed of the weekend. You win this round, Houston.

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