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New PSA from the 'Seven Psychopaths' Viral Campaign Isn't About to Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (VIDEO)

Charlie Costello loves his cuddly Shih Tzu named Bonny. He also happens to be one of the Seven Psychopaths who'll be turning your world upside down this October 12th when it hits theaters. In case you need any more insensitive to go see it, Bond girl Olga Kurylenkoalso happens to star in this movie.

The viral campaign that was launched a couple of weeks ago is still going on and things are heating up in more ways than one. Costello, who's played by Woody Harrelson, still hasn't found his dog and he's getting pissed. He's made that much clear in his tweets on @PsychoCostello, where he's asking people to help him find Bonny and watch a new PSA that he made that links his dog's disappearance and all of America's problems.

High unemployment rates? The bad economy? Rising temperatures? Blame it all on the guy who took Bonny.

Charlie also asked his LA-based followers to follow a lead about Bonny's whereabouts at Silverlake's comic shop, Secret Headquarters. This was a mission that ComingSoon's Silas Lesnick happily took. When he inquired about Bonny at the counter, he was handed a cardboard animal carrier with Costello's Bonny inside! Or rather, the plush version of Bonny, that is.

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