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Miley Cyrus Sneak Peak at Cleavetastic Appearance on 'Two and a Half Men'

Oh, Miley Cyrus, you sure are growing up fast.

The gravel-voiced teen diva keeps taking step after step into the big-girl world, this season appearing in a various revealing outfit on an upcoming episode of Two and a Half Men. The gossip-world is agog with news that Miley Cyrus gets into bed with Ashton Kutcher during the episode, which is a pretty lame standard for being agog, especially since Ashton Kutcher has slept with pretty much every woman in Hollywood but Miley Cyrus. Meanwhile, we're far more interested in Miley's continued cleave and legs and bare-midriff show.

Everybody is taking note of Miley's grown-up young woman type body. Of course, we've been tracking it since long before it was, err, proper, so we've seen it coming. But, now, it's time to admire without restraint. Enjoy.

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