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Lindsay Lohan Arrested, Again, for Hit and Run

To be fair to Lindsay Lohan, it appears that she didn't really hit the dude with her latest Porsche (the new one since she totalled the last one) who claims she tagged him in the parking lot of the Dream Hotel, where Lindsay is staying in New York while she parties and pretends not to drink.

To be less fair to Linsday, her history with automobiles makes Amanda Bynes look like a girl with a clean driving record; and to be even less fair, the fact that Lindsay isn't seen drinking anymore doesn't mean she's not partaking in mind-altering substances. In fact, the dude who owns the Dream Hotel and Lindsay were spotted doing cocaine just this time last year during Fashion Week. So, let's just say, I'd not want to be the dude holding her auto insurance policy right about now. On the flip side, I would like to be the girl who might get to share a cell with Lindsay should her probation get revoked. Let's face it, prison rape is far better with a hot roommate. Enjoy.

Read all about the Lindsay Lohan Arrested in New York for Fleeing Accident Scene on TMZ.


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