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'Lincoln' Trailer Reminds Us of Other Great Movies About U.S. Presidents (VIDEO)

The first trailer for Steven Spielberg's Civil War-era biopic 'Lincoln', starring Daniel Day-Lewis as the stovetop hat-wearing 16th President has finally premiered. And it's exactly how you'd think it would be: Epic, well shot, and filled with tripod coming over the hills to demolish Confederate soldiers. Well maybe not that last one (unfortunately), but the first look does offer us a glimpse into what will surely be a multi-Oscar nominated film.

There's no denying that Daniel Day-Lewis eerily resembles Lincoln and stories of the actor's intense method performances no doubt means that he probably spent months preparing for the role. I'm not saying that he moved to Illinois and built a log cabin by hand. I'm just saying he probably did.

It's always exciting when an actor takes on the role of playing a U.S. President. You're curious if they're going to be able to nail the look and mannerisms. Sometimes they nail it and other times (coughJonVoightinPearlHarborcough) they kind of fall flat. So check out the gallery below for our top movies about former U.S. Presidents.

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