Laetitia Casta Photographed by One Naughty Little Monkey

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People often ask me, 'Hey, jerkweed, what's it like on the set of your Egotastic! photoshoots'. Well, a picture does say a thousand words, and this photo of French hottie model Laetitia Casta being photographed by a chimpanzee, well, that pretty much shows you exactly what it looks like on our photo sets as well. Except we have less decorum.

Of course, we don't get to shoot in Paris, though we'd love to photographer form Guess? and Victoria's Secret model Laetitia Casta in any location she liked, including the funky smelling bedroom of our studio apartment, but when males of the species, any species, get around hot girls flashing their bare and open legs like Laetitia is, well, it's mammalian boner city. We just have to snap. Enjoy.

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