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Lady Gaga Flashes Cleavage Before and After Knocking Back a Few at Paralympics Party

Getting far less attention, though definitely as attention-worthy, the Paralympics concluded this weekend in London, bringing out a gaggle of celebrities to the various closing and winding down proceedings, including Lady Gaga who works with what she's got in terms of grabbing attention from male spectators, in this case, her willingness to drop some serious cleavage.

Of course, what began as a very innocent game of 'No, not up there, look down here at my chest' on the part of Gaga disassembled quickly after what appears to be the Lady knocking back a few inside the celebration and departing with bleary eyes and stumbling legs, almost losing a boob or two out of her top in the process. Actually, we can do little but feel empathy for Gaga for being in a position we've found ourselves in once or twice (a week). Those liquor legs are a real bitch. Enjoy.

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