Kim Kardashian Takes Her Money Balls and Goes Home from Australia

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It's tiring being a full-time money-crunching woman for hire. Jet setting ain't all it's cracked up to be when you're selling your various body cracks about the world. So consider Kim Kardashian and her resume-leading funbags just a bit exhausted from all their work Down Under pimping this and that, and happy just to be in a see-through tank top headed home to Los Angeles.

Just being without her similarly-dressed stalker rapper boyfriend, Kanye West, must be a burden on Kim, a woman withers without celebrity music star or athlete manhood planted firmly and continuously in her moneybox, but throw in the fact that the toilet swirls counterclock wise as she Kardashian-diet barfs her shrimps from the barbie down the porcelain portal, and travel just ain't so easy for Kim K. Of course, there are those flesh puppies to ogle. Enjoy.

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