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Kelly Brook Lingerie Pictures Sizzle, Dazzle, and Stiffen Your Resolve in FHM

You know that our feelings for Kelly Brook are borderline obsession, that's obsession on one side and just strong, painful, yearning on the other side, right there in the middle, so we looked forward to her lingerie pictures in FHM with bated breath and restrained hands. Then, voila, there's our homeroom angel on the pages of the magazine, looking so might fine in little bits of bra and panties, tempting us to come to England, to come into her hearth, and to come happily.

There's something about Kelly Brook that just screams super pleasant fun time experience. Maybe it's her fully body, the curves, the smile, or our dramatic desire to make love to her twenty ways til Sunday in the hay loft of a Scottish barn, but the word 'nice' keeps coming to mind every time we lay our horny peepers upon this woman. Enjoy.

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