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Kelly Brook 2013 Calendar Pictures Will Bring You a Year of Good Wood

It's that time, people. That time that time marches on inexorably, from amazing glamour model calendar to the next, the Circle of Sextastic Life. And the 2013 calendars are coming to a store or online retailer near you now, or soon. And while we we shall lament the ridiculously hot photos of our favorite women soon to come off the wall of our offices, bathrooms, and penitentiary cinder block walls, we also look forward with great anticipation to the half-nekkid goodness that awaits us in 2013.

Case in point, the ridiculously shaggable Kelly Brook in her 2013 calendar, flashing all kind of cleavetastic and hot bodied goodness, enough to get you through those slow days, warm you on those cold days, and not stick together so much on those days where you lose control. It's 365 days of winning. Enjoy.

(Be sure to buy the real thing full-size Kelly Brook wall calendar through Amazon U.K. for yourself or the best present you will ever by some dude friend who you owe big time.)

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