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Jessica Alba Dances and Sweats For Great Bodi-Ness

$28 worth of fruit-flavored berry drinks? Check. Expensive designer handbag? Check. $80 t-shirt? Check. Cell phone to call personal assistant to remind her to re-fill your fruit-flavored berry drink packs? Check.

Jessica Alba had the perfect celebrity gym workout paraphernalia good to go for a Pilates dance workout in Hollywood, but, more importantly, she brought along the Jessica Alba MILFtastic looks and body, hidden behind those oversized sunglasses. All warm and sweaty and pouty making us wish that we were the guy who hands her her wipe-down towels after the workout (I know there's not really a guy like that, but in our dreams, it's our job).

Perfection comes with a price, and that price is Jessica sweating hard. Thankfully, our price is just the time spent leering. We'll do that deal. Enjoy.

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