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Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Tennis Adds a Whole New Dimension to the Women's Game

Yes, I know that you know that we know that the BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee knows the minute she steps on to a tennis court in a body-revealing bikini she's going to be photographed by anybody and everybody within camera lens distance.

That being said... whoa.  I must admit I mostly watch women's tennis for the upskirt action and the grunting sound of occasionally hot Eastern European tennis ladies, but the thrills come too few and far between really to be an avid fan. But Jennifer Nicole Lee might very well be on to something huge here, women's tennis viewership wise. Bikini tennis. Granted, all the participants will need to have wicked hot booties and bodies that turn the backhands and forehands into visual wonderments, but I think this could be done. Tell me you wouldn't watch more women's tennis with Jennifer Nicole Lee in a bikini whacking some love points your way? It's the inevitable evolution of sport. Enjoy.

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