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James Cameron Could Have Directed 'Jurassic Park'! Which Other Movies Were Almost Helmed By Different Filmmakers?

Apparently James Cameron was this close (I'm holding my fingers literally millimetres apart) to helming Jurassic Park. Imagine that, the world would have been completely different! George W. Bush probably wouldn't have been voted into power, The Cubs might have finally won a world series and I bet 9/11 wouldn't have even happened. Nice one Cameron.

Alas we can only dream about what his interpretation of Michael Critchton's tale would have involved. Cameron has revealed that it would have been much "nastier" and that it would have been like "Aliens with dinosaurs". Aw, he's just teasing us!

Not that we aren't grateful for Spielberg's masterpiece, but it's always nice to think about what movies could have been like. Here are 5 other classics that were almost directed by other filmmakers.

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