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Instruments? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Instruments...Thanks to Acapella

Growing up in the backwoods of Kentucky, other than my daddy's banjo and an empty moonshine jug, my friends and I didn't have access to fancy musical instruments. So we had to make our own music. Luckily we were all blessed with the magical ability to turn our voices into instruments. You try doing an acapella dueling banjos without passing out due to lack of oxygen to the brain. It's not possible. We lost three members that way.

So that's how I got into the acapella scene. I'm sure it's a lot like your own story. So feeling nostalgic today, I'm trolling through the internet to find my favorite acapella songs to share with you folks below.

And if you're like me where your two obsessions are acapella and Xbox, then be sure to head on over to Celebuzz for the Pitch Perfect Caption Contest where you can win a free Xbox. Good luck!

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