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Here are Some NFL Picks with NFL Cheerleader Pics for Week Two

So last week I was 4-2. Meh. Should be better than that, but Carolina losing to Tampa Bay didn't seem possible. Cam Newton and DeAngelo Williams better right the ship quick, or their season could start spiraling out of control.

Anyway, here are six more picks for this week. The Raiders going to Miami is intriguing because it's in South Florida and for the Raiders it will 10 a.m. That never bodes well for West Coast teams. I like the Dolphins to take that one.

The Cowboys are back on the road in Seattle, and Robert Griffin III takes the Redskins into St. Louis in what should be a very interesting game. The Rams showed they have improved dramatically on defense last week against Detroit, but can they shut down RG3?

Check out the gallery to see the picks that I'm sure will be 6-0 (straight up, no spread) this week. Or 2-4. It could really be anywhere.

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