Fox Hunt- Your Gamer/Geeky Wanton Women Weekly, Now With Enhanced Boobtastic!

Stupefying revelations abound in our perpetual perusal of the sextacular female gamer form! Following extensive scrutiny of those womenfolk with an irresistible penchant for gaming/gleeful costume frolics in their undercrackers (we term it scientific investigation; the authorities, conversely, utilized the term illicit masturbation in an internet café. We shall agree to disagree. Giant gorilla testes to such frivolous semantics!), we have discerned that nerdiness has a remarkable beneficial effect on the size of the norks in question.

Quite a eureka moment, we'd venture. (Minus Archimedes leaping from his bath with the graceful poise of a young gazelle and dashing, man-sack swinging merrily in the wind, betwixt the streets of Syracuse as the legend imparts. If you seek such a spectacle, it's our solemn duty to inform you that Egotastic! remains bereft of droopy/saggy/shrivelly pensioners.) Gorge your visual glands (and, indeed, your glans) on the bodaciously buxom bounty above, and we're sure you'll attest to this notion.
Nerd is the word.

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