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Fox Hunt: Another Mam-centric Missive from the Gorgeous Geek Frontlines

Our strenuous investigative endeavors into the wanton ways of gamer girls worldwide continues. This week, it becomes plain that simply affixing some spectacles to your face imbibes you with the hallowed 'geek' status. (Presumably. We'll concede of the possibility of a great accumulation of action figures/comic books and such in the abodes of these magnificent ladyfolk, and spirited debates as to the merits of the myriad of Star Trek motion pictures, but such is quasi-inconceivable. Nonetheless, it's a notion akin to a dream we once had, in which tiny Batman undercrackers were joyously shed and pillowfights amid the disarray of Phantom Menace bedsheets ensued.)

These tenuous credentials are a moot point, as we're sure you'll attest, as long as they maintain their admirable penchants for compressing ample boob-age into skimptacular cosplay outfits. As you'll see above, it's a raison d'etre gamer girls perform with aplomb.

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