Fox Hunt: Another Delectable Dose of Nerdy Nork-age

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As Grandpa Egotastic once proclaimed, your video game skills are greatly enhanced if you dispense with your pants before playing. We need scarcely say, such lunatic outbursts surely galavanized the decision of the orderlies/keepers/wardens at his home to confiscate his innumerable bottles of ‘medicinal' whiskey (as did his penchant for streaking down the halls. Scrotums as wrinkled as... scrotums aren't the most palatable spectacle. Particularly in the dining hall.
"Get your shrivelled mansack out of the soup!").
In this case, nonetheless, the old drunk bastard was quite right.

Fortuitously, this memo was not circulated among the myriad of fatass guys/Asian cyborgs that would sell their dog's eyeballs to cavort among their brethren at annual fighting game tournaments. As such, we are left with the wanton womenfolk within the gallery, in (or, indeed, sans) their skimpies. Which is a result by even the most curmudgeonly standards. Ogling perusal awaits!

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